We think that the Microsoft Surface devices are some of the best, no compromise devices for the classroom. Recently, we had the chance to enter a competition where entrants were asked to design an accessory for the Surface. Putting together our knowledge of the classroom, the needs and the possible solutions, we came up with the Surface Science Toolkit.

Surface Science Toolkit

The Surface Science Toolkit uses the existing keyboard technology to attach to the Surface device as a Touch / Type keyboard would.

Using this technology we thought about the type of sensors and tools that would work best with a Science classroom.

  • Measure Temperature: A basic sensor that attaches to a probe that can report temperature readings.
  • Measure Resistance: A basic sensor that attaches to an external probe that can report back a resistance value between two points.
  • Measure Blood Glucose: A sensor that’s commonly found in glucose readers that shows sugar content of blood.
  • Output Electricity: A somewhat complex transformer that allows the selected voltage output to be sent via the probes.

While some of these things might be difficult to build, that wasn't part of the spec. We think, moving towards the future, devices like this will be available to every student. If you share that view with us, here's how you can help.

How To Vote

Step 1

CLICK HERE or Visit: https://microsoft.promo.eprize.com/design/

Once you see this screen, head down to the bottom and click "Not a returning user?"

Fill out the details as you would any other form and submit your information

On the next form, scroll down to the middle section and do a search for "Science Toolkit" (no quotes!). After that, the result as shown should be visible. This is ours!

If you click on that image, you should be presented with the view above, now, all you have to do is click vote!

What do you think?

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