The Teacher Collection service was discontinued as of January 2017, we thank all our teachers and learners who made joined us for the journey. This site will remain in archive mode indefinitely. Best, Lucas.


  • Fully customize your lesson plan template.
  • Support quality feedback and assessment.
  • Record 21st Century Learning Design assessment results.
  • Record effective elements of Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • Import and Export lessons to backup or share with others.
  • Export lessons to Word.
  • Synchronise your lesson plans to the Teacher Collection Cloud.
  • Search lesson plans from Windows.
Lesson Plan Manager

Effectively manage your Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Manager allows you to craft simple or complex lesson plans to help you effectively share, deliver and report on your lessons. Using the dynamic template, or configuring your own components, Lesson Plan Manager lets you create comprehensive lesson plans for any subject while also being able to help and support content delivery and assessment.